We help clients by provide embedded software solutions for various industry sectors including Broadcasting, telecom, logistic transport, oil and gas, remote automation.

Clients requirement

  • To support ongoing issue in the UE stack with MAC, PHY layer.
  • Analyse Layer1, Layer2, Layer3.
  • Optimise NAS, RRC layer.
  • Customise NAS, RRC, PDCP layer as per client requirement.


  • To analyse the existing Layer1, Layer2, Layer3.
  • To fix memory management issues in RRC layer.
  • To perform profiling on each layer to measure the time taken by each layer.
  • fix any delays caused by RTOS.

Our Solution

  • System time profiling of each layer by adding time measurement at various points.
  • Adding memory management utility to monitor the memory usage.
  • Modifying state machine code as per client requirements.
  • Fixing bugs in NAS, RRS, PDCP layer as per client requirements.


We provide – end to end service delivery to manage network to many industries, a comprehensive range of solutions and over 14 years’ experience.

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