Why our company versus all the others?

The reason why our company is because we are ready to customize the hardware, software also support the client based on their requirement.

What makes your product stand-out from that of your competitor?

Our board is a generic board that can be used in multiple industries. it has all of the commonly-needed buses for additional peripherals in embedded applications and consumes less power.

If we wanted to schedule a conference call or personal meeting. How would that work? Would you fly to the customer location or handle the conference call?

We can set up a conference call to discuss more technical details. Additional we could ship a prototype board to the customer location in order to test the functionality of our hardware.

How long does it take to ship a board?

We try our best to ship the product as soon as possible but depending on customer’s location within Europe shipping is usually 7-10 working days outside Europe 10-15 working days.

Can we order the board online?

Yes you can order the board online using credit/debit, paypal.

Do you provide hardware, software support online?

Yes we are ready to help you. for developing your product in hardware and software

Can you modify the hardware and provide additional low level software or upper level application to control the device?

Yes we will discuss with you your requirement and design, develop and maintain the software using git. we can help in many fields like Wireless Network device | Networking Solutions | VoIP | Arduino

Can i get a refund if my hardware is not working?

For any manufacturing defects we will replace the device within 30 days. After 30 days within 90 days if the device is not functioning then we can replace the device at additional 50% discount.

Can i just buy wifi, modem, lte antenna, lte cable, CAN phy device?

No you must mandatory by the MAIN BOARD or you must have previously purchased the main board in order to buy add-on components.
you just cannot buy a add-on component without MAIN BOARD.

Do you have Raspberry pi FAQ ? or is your project using any custom hardware. Find out with us if you have any technical issue with your current ongoing project or need help in deciding the prototype hardware or any query related to managing your current project. we can help you with your engineering project call us to discuss more.