Surveillance camera and automatic selective door operation for Railways

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Clients requirement

  • To develop a main system that can capture camera data on the side of the train.
  • Display 4 camera live data on main lcd, and other 4 camera live data on secondary lcd.
  • Store all camera data in primary memory.
  • Main system must communicate with door system via Ethernet interface.
  • Read GPS data from GPS system and send it to the main system for processing.
  • Main system must process GPS info and compare with pre-stored platform length info.
  • Main system must approve the number of doors to be opened on arriving at the platform.
  • Door system must open the number of doors requested by the main system.
  • Automatic selective door operation must be displayed to the driver.


  • To choose micro-controller for the door system that supports multi thread operation.
  • Supports multiple interfaces like i2C, SPI, RS232, RS485, Ethernet.
  • Should be able to read GPS data over RS232.
  • Should be able to run DHCP and allocate static LAN IP address based on the device number assigned during manufacturing.
  • Should be capable of sending rail door state and GPS data to the main system.

Our Solution

  • Atmel cortex M7 with RS232, RS485, SPI, i2C, RTC interface and with 256KB internal memory which supports FreeRTOS for multithreaded functionality for door systems.
  • NXP iMX8m quad core 2 GHz CPU for main system with ethernet, MIPI DSI interface with Yocto based source code.
  • Door system will run DHCP client and self assign a static ip address and inform the status every second to the main system.
  • Main system will access GPS data and display matching stations based on GPS value to the driver.
  • Driver select the approaching station on the LCD based on the selection the main system decides to open only those  doors that match the predefined database.
  • The main system requests the particular doors of the train to be opened via IP interface.

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