Document Management System

What is document management system?

A Document Management System is a software that can handle the following:

  • Control the making and authentication of paper
  • Use version control where many versions of a document are kept
  • Oversee the storage of documents in a way that promotes comfortable retrieval of a particular document when required
  • Guarantee security and protection of documents with the double purposes of stopping unauthorized access to records and permitting recovery from real damage or loss of documents
  • Produces the plan for archiving old files and ordering them at the end of their life.

document management system

There are two types of DMS

  • Manual 
  • Electronic

What Advantages can be foreseen from a DMS?

Convenient Retrieval of Documents: Records are saved to retrieve them later whenever required. These requirements can be transactional, analysis, judicial, or related. Retrieving an appropriate document from the large size of professional papers can be difficult except a sound DMS is in position. Easy and fast retrieval is a crucial objective of establishing a DMS.

Version Control: Where several versions of a document need to be saved (as in the case of product blueprints), it’s necessary to recognize the most advanced version certainly, including the order of all the various texts in existence. A safe DMS can reduce the disorder that can unless a result when trying to find a particular version.

Regulatory Compliance: The advantage here is in every one of the evading issues, which might be severe enough to finish off the business. Government laws need maintenance of various sorts of knowledge and documents, and therefore the needs area unit is usually terribly advanced. A decent DMS can facilitate guarantee compliance with the foundations; victimization such suggests that as checklists, standard forms, and automatic organization.

Document Security: Maintaining documents becomes completely necessary to satisfy many various needs. Materials will contain business secrets and alternative confidential knowledge, like product formulas or employees’ details. If unauthorized persons gain access to those documents, it will result in business harm or legal damages. A DMS ensures that solely licensed persons will access explicit materials.

Documents conjointly got to be secured from disasters like fires and floods. A decent DMS will create a lot of more natural to revive the papers in case of an accident.

Enhanced Competitiveness: By up business processes, reducing prices, and preventing severe losses, a DMS will actively contribute to business aggressiveness.

How Do Document Management Systems Work?

Document management systems ask for to supply the front edges by providing:

Public repositories for all documents:

Paper documents may be kept in filing cupboards set in an exceedingly central filing section or department. In contrast, electronic records may be kept in native desktop computers of every user or at intervals central servers or dedicated storage facilities in an exceedingly networked system. A decent DMS can indicate wherever a selected document may be found, usually, times manufacturing the report on demand.

A system of classification for all documents:

An understood system of sorting materials into totally different classes would facilitate store paper documents in clearly labeled paper folders and filing cupboards. It may also result in and assist produce a gradable system of disk directories and a document compartmentalization system. Whereas the lists will quickly facilitate browsing to the specified document, the index will retrieve documents employing a program.

Rules and templates for making and authenticating documents:

Rules and permissions specify United Nations agency will produce and manifest different sorts of materials, and conjointly the procedures to be followed. Templates give usual formats for the various materials.

The DMS can enable directors to determine the policies and procedures for handling previous reports. These could be filed in an exceedingly usual manner if it’s probably they’ll be required later, or removed if their quality has passed.
Security procedures and facilities to forestall unauthorized access and guarantee physical safety:
Paper documents are going to be below the lock and key of such that people, United Nations agency, can make sure that a solely licensed person area unit is allowed to look at the documents. Electronic documents may be protected through a system of access rights and parole needs.

Physical safety is ensured through victimization security measures, like fire-alarm systems, barred windows, security cameras, etc. for paper documents, and regular backup/separate storage of the backup for electronic records.

document management system


While a conventional document management system may be enforced notwithstanding most of the documents area unit paper-primarily based, electronic document management systems have overwhelming benefits. Wherever the amount of documents is sizable, attempting to manage victimization paper-based systems will place the business to a severe competitive disadvantage. Response to plug conditions, internal business processes, and client support may be hindered.

The specific benefits of EDMS:

Document retrieval speeds may be dramatically improved by storing documents on pc disks in a well-organized directory structure with an incidental program

Document storage prices may be reduced by eliminating the expenses of paper, filing cupboards, and dedicated filing-section workers, and by minimizing document cupboard space

Workflows may be improved for speed and qualitatively increased victimization distinctive EDMS facilities

Security may be increased victimization access rights, passwords, backups, and offsite storage

These benefits may be gained solely by choosing the proper DMS and implementing it within the right manner.

Implementing an Electronic Document Management System

Document Creation: produce documents electronically victimization pc applications or the DMS itself. Wherever the pc application isn’t the DMS, knowledge from the appliance would possibly get to be foreign, or the DMS ought to be able to access and manage the info. Paper documents may be reborn into electronic kind through scanning and OCR process.

Collaboration: Use check-out and arrival procedures to permit multiple users to figure on a document while not overwriting every other’s knowledge. DMS tools conjointly enable materials to be forwarded to alternative users to satisfy workflow needs.

Document Storage: Documents area unit keep on exhausting disks, tapes, and different sorts of removable media.

Access Rights: different users area unit given different access rights, like browse permission, browse and write permission, etc. and could be needed to supply passwords to access such that documents.

Document Retrieval: Organizing documents into well-planned gradable directories/databases and facilitating search needs through tagging, indexing, or full-text recognition area unit the everyday ways that document-retrieval speed is raised.

Digital Signatures: Digital signatures will manifest documents similar to paper documents, eliminating the requirement to keep up a paper copy additionally to the electronic copy.

Archiving and Removal: Documents may be labeled with ‘Archive by’ and ‘Remove by’ dates, and therefore the system programmed to alert users concerning these on due dates.

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