Do the smart thing by replacing your conventional meter with the smart meter.

Smart meter using lora for energy companies

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Clients requirement

  • To develop a slave devices or smart meter using lora capable of reading the gas and electric value every 10 seconds.
  • Slave device with RTC chip must report energy values with Master device wirelessly.
  • Master device must have a RTC chip for accurate time.
  • Master device must store the energy usage value per day in primary memory.
  • Master device must be capable of short range wireless communication with slave devices for a distance of 400 meters or higher.
  • Master device must be capable of displaying total energy usage per day.
  • Master device must be capable of wifi communication to send energy usage per day to the energy company.
  • Slave device must be capable of turning supply/relay on/off based on master device request.
  • LoRa communication must be used between master and slave.


  • To choose micro-controller that supports multi thread operation. while consumes less power during run time.
  • Supports multiple interfaces like i2c, spi, RS232, RS485.
  • Should have enough internal memory for storing energy values.
  • Should interface with wireless interface via SPI bus.
  • Should be capable of wifi communication.
  • Drafting a protocol frame format for communication between master and slave devices.
  • Should be capable of turning GPIO pin ON/OFF.

Our Solution

  • ESP32 with RS232, RS485, SPI, i2C, RTC, wifi interface and with 4MB internal memory which supports FreeRTOS for multithreaded functionality used for slave devices.
  • LoRa chipset SX1276 module with SPI interface for Long range communication between master and slave devices.
  • TI AM335X chipset with 5inch LCD display with SPI interface for LoRA and linux capable serves the purpose of master devices.
  • TI AM335X validates the authenticity of the ESP32 devices. Predefined LoRa frames are exchanged between slave and master.
  • TI AM335X saves the energy usage per day on internal memory.
  • ESP32 GPIO pins are capable to turn on/off relay/switches on electric or gas meters based on TI AM335X request.
  • TI AM335X has wifi & ethernet port to valid the energy usage of gas or electric meter from the energy companies.

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