Important Note:

  • SCADA powers with 5V 2A DC power supply.
  • For Modem to work make sure SIM PIN is disabled.
  • SIM Card can only be ejected by pressing the SIM eject button.
  • RS485 and RS232 are industrial purpose ports.
  • Mini USB port is only used to collect log messages
  • Battery connector part is S4B-PH-K-S so user can select any matching component (for ex: PHR-4)

Casing for iSCADA

  • Aluminium casing with space grey color
  • Casing Dimensions 164 X 169 X 34 with drill hole for all peripherals.
  • CNC process is used for manufacturing the enclosure for iSCADA device.
  • Casing provides support for wall mounting using drill holes
  • Casing can be customized based on customer requirements

Custom Linux on iSCADA

Here is an example of an application running on iSCADA device that shows the various features and capabilities of connected LTE, wifi, and Ethernet devices. User can change the functionality of wifi as per their need by doing some simple touch clicks and they can also be able to measure the signal strength of LTE, wifi devices. The device supports multi-linguistic keypad so user can configure it to their preferred language. It also provides GPS, GALILEO and GLONASS data.


iSCADA is powered with 5V 2A DC power supply. Current supports 5 and 7 inch LCD display and can run with Linux Arago OS. has wifi, LTE modem interfaced can be used for wide industrial and commercial application and can be tune to do a particular functionality of your choice with our hardware and software team support.