Microsoft Office365

What is Microsoft Office365?

Microsoft office365 is a cloud enabled suite offering a wide variety of online applications for communication and office applications. It helps in creation, editing and collaborations online using computers and smartphones. If offline, the working applications update as soon as the network resumes. Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription based model. Prominent applications include MS word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, OneNote, One Drive and outlook etc.

Office 365 is a new cloud offering that provides seamless online collaboration for business and other users. It contains familiar web applications online that minimizes storage, installation and maintenance budgets. The virtual nature allows working from anywhere and at any time using any device. The suite it characterized my dynamically fast paced automation, extended storage and flexible deployment. It consumes less resources in contrast to the traditional desktop storage and data management. Latest features offered enhance the attractiveness and interest of both the users and the IT companies. Furthermore no additional costs are a burden hitherto.

The greatest reliance of every field of life, profession and enterprise nowadays is on Office Professional plus Package. This is one of the offerings of Office 365. It consists of the conventional Microsoft Office application like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Access and OneNote. The functionality of these application is not compromised at all either using a desktop or accessing it through smart devices like phones, tablets or iPads. Being familiar with the usage of these basic application, minimal training is required for professional use.

Office365 offerings

The professional office package helps typing, editing and viewing documents thus calling for dependency on other components for organization and management of the data content. The share point Online is also included in Office 365 and plays a pivotal role in content management by dealing the work flows, updates management and access level features.

Likewise Share point allows development of websites and carry on communication in enterprises. It includes blogs, discussion forums and wikis etc.

Perks of Microsoft Office

Switching to the cloud may be a prodigious decision for many enterprises but has major offerings in the long and short run. However, it may not necessarily an optimal solution for everyone since all businesses have their own domains and constraints

Prominent feature of Microsoft Office 365 include, but are not limited to:

  • No Licensing Issues: Being a subscription based model adopted by enterprises, all employees receive the same features of the software and all of them update simultaneously. 
  • Co-authoring: The package allows online collaboration and the changes made can be seen by all authorize to co-author in a document.  Share point and one drive allow coworkers to share work directly rather than emailing or other indirect mediums
  • File access via link sharing: The package allows uploading of files and documents on cloud. Rather than sending multiple heavy file attachments, all what is needed is the file link to be shared for accessing and editing. However, editing permissions are to be granted by the sender.
  •  These permissions can be altered anytime.
  • Extended email storage: By default every user receives 50 GB of email storage, contacts, calendars, notes etc. One Drive allows additional extended storage to users
  • Collaboration Anytime and Anywhere:  Subscription to the Office 365 allows working at any time using any updated browser. Mobile apps of office 365 allows data access and collaboration round the clock and around the globe.
  • Stay Up and operational Always: Switching data to the cloud app ensures availability of them all the time. In case of some misfortune or damage to pc or smart device there are no such issues as loss of data
  • Flexible: It is a pay as you go type of subscription, which implies that the package undoubtedly has a broader range of applications but enterprises pay only for the features they use hence making it budget friendly. Meanwhile, the renewal is at very economical rates like for 6 devices to be connected with one terabyte (1TB) storage and advanced security it costs $99.99 per annum. Personal subscription with one device and 1 TB is at $69.99 per year.

Other feature include Single Sign-On, Support, Security and Real Time 

The Brighter side to Microsoft office365:

 The suite offers advantages of flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime and using any device that has an updated web browser and is connected to the Internet.  It is helpful for companies and employees located at various geographical locations to work collaborate each other. 

All of them can work on the same version of the document and there is no confusion of multiple versions floating or needed to be merged by a dedicated person. Everyone receives the updated version automatically. However, there are some mix and match plans too where limited or required access to files and documents may be granted using the Office 365 package.

Enhanced security has removed the misconception of loss of data and unauthorized access to confidential and personal data. It has a lot of built-in security in terms of encrypted email, mobile device management, Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA).

The short comings of Office

Obviously some cons are there, no system is 100 % error free. One major short coming is that network access is required to access you work or data every time. Thus require companies to have a remarkable internet network.

The periodic subscription is both a pro and a con. It is a con in a sense that the renewal is a task that is to be repeatedly carries out to stay subscribed and updated to the latest features. Meanwhile, automatic updating is not always favorable every time and compatible with business applications. As a result of a general survey, companies utilize only 20% of the actual functionality that the Office suite offers.

Conclusively, Office 365 office massive support via its product offering over the cloud. It is suggested that a wizard for support will be an add-on for rendering it easier to use. Productivity has been enhanced to a level the Office 365 is considered as an essential tool by businesses worldwide