industrial automation conveyor systems

Robots for industrial automation Conveyor technology

industrial automation conveyor systems

We help clients by providing logistics industrial automation Conveyor technology solutions. That is useful for various industry sectors including Broadcasting, telecom, logistic transport, oil and gas, remote automation.

Clients requirement in industrial automation Conveyor technology

  • To fix existing bugs and enhance features on existing logistics robots.
  • Speed up robots to handle request to pick up and deposit logistics with a quick turn around time.
  • Enable logging to trace the root cause during failure in logistics module industrial automation Conveyor technology.
  • Perform Power management algorithm by keeping the CPU in sleep mode and wake mode at regular intervals and charging robots at regular interval when power drops bellow 50%.
  • Optimise internal memory usage as the build-in internal memory is too low for its operations.


  • To find all bits and pieces of dynamic, static memory usage on logistic robots.
  • To drive the robots at higher speed to make turnaround time faster.
  • Perform power management logic to manage level of robots at all time.
  • To send bugs from robots to the JIRA management tool during failure.
  • Raising alarm during failures and faults in the system.

Our Solution

  • Develop a memory management task to trace all memory allocated during run time. And freeing unused memory.
  • Develop api to increase the speed of the robot wheel motor when the path is free. and slow a few meters before reaching the destination.
  • Fix bugs features assigned as per JIRA.
  • Develop power management algorithm to charge the robots once battery charge is less than 75%.
  • Notifying alarm to the ware house team on failure, faults in the system.

Advantages of logistics industrial automation Conveyor technology solutions

  • High productivity: Our services on the logistics module fulfils the aim of the company by allowing the company to use logistics robots round the clock.
  • Quality: Logistics robots do not involve any fatigue like humans which results in products with uniform quality manufactured at different times.
  • Flexibility: Logistics robots can be programmed to do any task. this makes the manufacturing process more flexible.
  • Information Accuracy: Automated data collection, can allow you to collect key production information, improve data accuracy, and reduce your data collection costs.  This provides you with the facts to make the right decisions when it comes to reducing waste and improving your processes.
  • Safety: Industrial automation can make the production line safe for the employees by deploying robots to handle hazardous conditions