Google Lens

What is Google Lens?

Google Lens enables one to point from the phone at something, sort of a focused view (e.g. flower, etc.), then ask Google Assistant what the thing is pointing at. You’ll not only be told the answer, nevertheless you’ll get recommendations supporting the thing, like nearby shops, within the case of a flower.

What Lens can do include having the potential to need a picture of the SSID sticker on the rear of a tool like Wi-Fi router, after which your phone will automatically attach with the Wi-Fi network without you eager to do anything? Yep, no more crawling under the cupboard so soon read out the password whilst typing it in your phone. Now, with Google Lens, you’ll point and shoot. It’s the power to recognize everyday objects that are impressive. it’ll recognize a hand and suggest the thumbs up emoji, which can be a touch little bit of fun but point it at a drink, and it will plan to determine what it’s.

We tested this functionality with a glass of cold drink. It didn’t suggest the same one to us, but it did suggest a whole range of other soft drinks, letting you then tap through to determine what they’re, the thanks to making them, and so on. That shows that, while Lens is fast and clever, it is not always accurate.

Google Lens Features:

Lens shown inside Google Photos, moved on to the Google Assistant, and eventually graduated into the feature that’s inbuilt into almost every Android device out there. While many people are aware that Google Lens is available on their phone, however, many of them are not using it to its full potential. So, here are some useful Google Lens features.

  • Copy Text from the important World

One of the features that Lens is the ability to repeat text from the important world directly. It’s a reasonably awesome feature and one that comes in handy very often. Using this is often direct. Just point the camera at the text you would like to repeat and head into the Google Lens mode. Focus on the text, and Lens will highlight it. you’ll then simply drag to pick whatever you would like to repeat, then tap on the ‘Copy text’ button. Easy as that.

  • Detect Flowers, Animals, Paintings

Lens is additionally pretty worthy of detecting flowers, animals, famous paintings, and tons of other stuff like landmarks. So, simply point the camera at the flower, animal (or object) to seek out what it’s.

  • Add Contacts, Find Businesses location by Scanning Visiting Cards

Another use-case that simply might be handy, especially if you meet tons of individuals who provide the visiting cards, is Google Lens’ ability to feature contacts by simply scanning a card. Lens helps to direct a business location by scanning their card itself. This feature will work if the business listed on Google Maps.

  • Scan URLs from PC to Open in Mobile

With Google Lens, if you visited an internet site on your laptop then wanted to go to an equivalent website on your smartphone. Simply launch Google Lens on phone, point it at the URL bar on the browser, and tap on the URL. Google will auto-detect the URL text and can offer you the choice to ‘go’ thereto address on a smartphone. QR-code extension to the browser that converts URLs into QR codes which also scan with Google Lens and open the website into a smartphone browser.

  • Add Events by Scanning Tickets

Google Lens also supports keeping a track of events that you would like to attend, or simply bought tickets to. With Google Lens, simply scan the ticket to a movie that booked tickets to or an occasion to be attending, and it’ll automatically suggest adding the event to the calendar. It’s a reasonably smart feature that will prevent the effort of eleventh-hour reminders.

  • Get Restaurant Reviews and Ratings

Google Lens can help there, If you’re anything of a city-explorer or a traveler, you must’ve found yourself in situations where you’re watching a bunch of restaurant store-fronts, unable to work out which one to go into. Simply point Google Lens at the restaurant-fronts and it’ll identify the restaurants and share the ratings and reviews from Google Maps.

  • Shopping and elegance Match

If you see a cool table lamp, or a coat, shirt, shoes, or anything anywhere within the world, use Lens to seek out similar-looking objects alongside buying links and reviews. This feature is pretty good at doing what it does, and even though it does ruin every now then, it’s still worth a try.

  • Translate in Real-time

Google keeps integrating its services into various applications, Google Translate has integrated with Lens. Now, it directly translates texts from almost many languages to the required language. Same as Google Translate, Lens has the detect mode where it can scan and identify the language in real-time and translate the text to the required language of choice. So with this new integration, Google has reduced another reason to use the standalone Google Translate app.

  • Scan QR Codes and Barcodes

Another feature to Lens is support for QR codes and Barcodes. While this feature was already asleep in some countries, now Google has expanded the support to several regions. Google Lens also supports QR code reading so you don’t get to install any third-party app for android smartphones.

  • Book Review and Summary

Lastly, additionally to its detection feature, Lens has added special support for books a bit like animals and plants. If you scan a book with Lens, it’ll throw you a summary, buying link, eBook suggestion, and in fact, reviews. This Lens feature should be available handy for archivists, academicians, and students.

What’s the upcoming enhancement for Lens?

Lens represents the leading edge of camera detection technology and Google’s implementation of it, there are continuously small updates and rumored features for the app on the horizon.

Google Lens working for some educational features, including a camera mode that would help students with math problems if they’re battling homework. This apparently could also be joined by the power to use the Lens app to translate written words without having to be online to try to do so.