Embedded c++ developer entwickler

What is embedded c++ developer entwickler? 

embedded c++ developer entwickler is With the advent of the Internet of things, Embedded C++ entwicklung is the most sought after skill in the job market. All devices are being automated and all the operations in manufacturing industries are becoming automated. So it is high time to enter this in-demand and rewarding career. Stick to this article because it tells you the ins and outs of embedded C++ Entwickler work. Before moving towards embedded C++, it is necessary to have some idea about embedded systems.

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A bird-eye view of Embedded System

These are the devices that have both software and hardware but computers, laptops and smartphones are not included in this category. All the gadgets that can fulfill a job automatically by following instructions written in their microcontroller or microprocessors. Embedded systems are everywhere around us, we just know them by a different name. Your digital camera, oven, and coffee makers and washing machines are embedded systems. Moreover, all the big machines, for instance, vehicles, have some parts that are embedded systems.  

Difference between C++ and embedded C++ 

Embedded C++ is a short version of the C++ programming language. It was developed in Japan to suit the needs of embedded applications while retaining the object-orient functionality. Japanese industries such as Toshiba, Hitachi, and NEC introduced it into the embedded system engineering. It excludes some functions of C++ such as virtual base classes, exceptions, template multiple inheritances, etc. It is designed to power embedded systems.

Why Embedded C++?

By far embedded C is the most used language in the embedded system, but C++ is also very close. While in terms of performance both languages have their own advantages. But, I would like to draw attention to the fact that if you learn embedded C++, you also get C++ mastery. C++ is a high-end language that is used to develop games, databases, and PC applications, and a lot more. Therefore, it is like by one get one free kind of situation.

Who is embedded C++  Entwickler?

An embedded C++ Entwickler is an expert in embedded C++ coding. His main responsibility is to write codes, optimization, and maintenance of the embedded system. He provides the solution in form of codes for the embedded systems. Since different embedded system applications require different embedded C++ code, so the demand for embedded C++ Entwickler has always been high.

Where are Developer Are Needed?

Now all the devices are getting automated, intelligent, and connected to the internet. Your car has many functions that are embedded such as GPS, airbags much more. So an embedded system engineer is going to become the part and parcel of every industry. Don’t think so? Here is the testimony of Elon Musk. He is looking for C++ entwicklers for his Tesla and Space X.

embedded c++ developer entwickler

Here I have enumerated some of the industries an embedded C++ Entwickler can work as an embedded networking engineer, firmware engineer, or embedded system engineers

1-Internet of Things

Internet of things (IoT) is vying to connect all your gadgets through internet clouds. It has changed the way we interacted with the devices. Embedded C++ Entwickler is the backbone of this promising industry.   

2- Manufacturing Industry

If you ever visited a factory and saw the huge machines doing all of the work automatically. All these machines are embedded systems. So the manufacturing industry needs embedded C++ entwicklers.

3- Robotics

Robots are the greatest threats to most jobs. But, embedded C++ developers have nothing to worry about. As the robots are themselves result of the mental labor of the embedded system engineers

4- Medical Industry

Many of the devices used in the medical field are embedded systems. MRI, CT, and PET scan utilize embedded systems.  

5- Defense

The defense industry has a lot of dependence on embedded designs. To name a few, drone technology, missiles, radars, and avionics are embedded systems.

Skills Required by Embedded C++ Entwickler

  • Proficiency in C++ and C
  • Fluency in Assembly language for low level
  • Understanding of hardware and software interface
  • Basic knowledge of electronics such as electronic schematics
  • Knowledge of microcontrollers and microprocessors
  • Documentation skills
  • Software life cycle knowledge

How Much Time You Need to become an embedded C++ developer?

Embedded C++ is the most sought after skill for a reason. It is very complex and takes time to become proficient. Further, it depends on whether you have any background in programming or you are a beginner. So, it is very difficult to answer this question straight. If you are aspiring to learn C++ you might be either novice in coding or already familiar. So, here is the roadmap for each class.

Embedded C++ for Beginner

The Traditional Route

If you are a stranger to the coding world, you may find it horrifying in the first encounter. But, if you stick to it for a while, you will be acquainted quicker than you think. If you are still an undergraduate, the traditional way is to get a Computer Science major or electronics or mechatronics major. This way you will have enough time and guidance to learn it thoroughly.

The Non-Traditional Route

But if you don’t want to adopt this course, you can still learn embedded C++ and get into the embedded system firmware engineering. But you should be clear at the start that it will take some time. At least 6 months to become fluent with it. You need to work on the small embedded system works such as a line following robot or automatic street lights systems.

embedded c++ developer entwickler

If you are already fluent in any of the mainstream languages such as C or Python or Go, you can easily switch to embedded C++. You just need to familiarize yourself with hardware and memory constraints that are tied with the embedded system. All in all, it will not take more than a month for you.


Embedded C++ offers multiple advantages when it comes to making a career in it. First, the parent language C++ is a multi-purpose and comprehensive language. Second, most people go with embedded C, so there is a shortage of embedded C++ entwicklers. Therefore, they are high in demand.  

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