Embedded c entwickler entwicklung

Who is embedded c entwickler entwicklung? 

embedded c entwickler entwicklung is a developer who works on embedded c software. His main task to write c code that communicates with other hardware devices.

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Gone are the days when machines were manual, now they are automatic and increasingly smart. But to make a machine capable of accomplishing a task automatically, why these machines are called embedded systems? What is the role of embedded C entwickler? In this article, we are going to dive deep into these questions.

embedded c entwickler entwicklung

What are automated machines?

Automated machines are embedded systems. Technically, all the machines that can automatically perform a particular task are embedded systems. Today, most machines in our homes, offices, and factories are embedded systems. Take coffee make or a washing machine or microwave oven. Or any machine in factories you can name?

Who is embedded C entwickler?

At the heart of Embedded systems, lies a programmable processor that may be a microprocessor or microcontroller. This processor is like the brain of an embedded system. But like the child’s brain, it is a clean slate. Embedded C entwickler have to write a code on this clean slate. The processor then follows the coded instructions to accomplish a particular task.
So embedded C developers are at the core of automated machines. That’s why they are highly valued in the industry and are in high demand.

What is embedded C?

Embedded C language is a programming language that has been slightly modified to meet the needs of embedded systems. Further, embedded C is the most widely used language to code embedded systems. Because other high-level languages such as JAVA take more memory which makes it unsuitable for embedded systems small memories. Therefore, embedded C is the apple of embedded systems’ eyes.

Is the C language and embedded C the same?

Though both C language and embedded C have similar semantics and syntax, yet embedded C is considered to have some extensions. It includes the I/O address plus arithmetic. So they are not the same. Here I enumerate some of the differences
Embedded C is cross-development whereas C is native development
Embedded C depends on hardware while C has no such dependence
Embedded C is for small RAM and ROM while C is for large RAM and ROM
Embedded is used for microcontroller-based application but C is for desktop applications

What type of project embedded C entwickler can work?

With every machine and device going towards automation, the scope of embedded C Entwicklung is widening. They can work almost in all major industries. They can work as a firmware engineer, embedded networking engineers, embedded system engineers.

1-Automotive industry:

The automobile industry has fairly good projects for embedded C programmers. More and more automobile functions are becoming automated. For instance, airbag control, anti-lock brakes, automatic transmission, etc. are already embedded systems.

2- Robotics & Drone

Robots and drones are the future. The robots for doing particular work or drones for delivering food or other stuff. These are products that require embedded programming.

3- Defense

The defense industry needs embedded C Entwickler for making automated devices and weaponry. For instance, avionics and radars on rockets and planes.

4- Electronics

Many electronic products from TV, phone to radar are embedded systems. So the electronic world needs embedded system engineers.

5- Medical World

The medical field also requires embedded C programmers to solve its problems and make processes automatize. They are already being used in increasing sounds of stethoscopes, CT scans, MRIs, and patient remote monitoring.

6- Internet of Things

The Internet of things is the new buzz word. It is the future of all automated and smart technology. But, you will be surprised to know that IoT also depends on embedded systems. In fact, only embedded systems are capable of being connected through IoT.

Requisite Skills & Responsibilities of embedded C Entwickler

embedded c entwickler entwicklung


Embedded C developer is meant to write codes to make machines accomplish a task. They should have a sound grip on assembly, C and C++.


Like any other software job, here too troubleshooting and debugging is essential. If any error occurs in the system, C developer should be able to identify and remove it.

Basic Electronics

Some knowledge of basic electronics and instruments is vital in this field. After all, embedded systems heavily depend on electronic components. They need to ensure that code provides a smooth result without any lag or errors.

Familiarity with Processors

Since embedded systems use a programmable Microcontroller or microprocessor, so basic knowledge about these processors is essential. Some popular microcontrollers are Atmel AVR, Arduino, and PIC10Fxx.

Documentation skills

A complete record in the forms of a document is absolutely vital for any coding work. The code, the errors, and modules should be recorded. The documents must follow standard formats and conventions. So, familiarity with documentation is a must.


This skill cannot be over emphasized for embedded C Entwickler. They have to work with the design and fabrication team and hardware engineers. They can share real insights on whether the code is best suited for the product or needs some rewriting.

How Much time does it take to become an embedded developer?

Well, it depends whether you want to start from scratch or you want to shift from software development to embedded C and your educational background.

Embedded developer from scratch

Here again, it depends, if you want to become an embedded C develop through formal channels, you have to do graduation in electronics, mechatronics, or computer engineering. Further, you have to focus on C languages. So that when you graduate, but if you are already a graduate and have no knowledge of programming whatsoever, it will take you at least 6 months to become well-versed with the C languages.
From C language to Embedded C


If you are already well-acquainted with programming languages such as Assembly, C or JAVA, and now want to switch to embedded C. It will not take much time. For you, it will be a matter of a few days or maybe a month or two. It depends upon your interest and IQ.


Embedded C programming is the future. While the demand for embedded C developers is on the rise, the supply is short. Most programmers turned towards software development and ignore this highly rewarding field. The Internet of things has given a new boost to this field. This is high time that it should be made the career choice.

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