Embedded C Engineer

Who is a embedded C Engineer ? 

Embedded C Engineer is a developer who mainly words on linux kernel or any RTOS based software code which involves developing application that talk to hardware.

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Introduction about C Programming

C is a programming language that is very popular, simple, and flexible. It is independent of the machine, structured programming language that is widely used in various applications. C is the primary language for writing all operating systems (Windows and many others) to complex programs like Oracle database, Git, Python interpreter, and more. “C” is the programming language of a god. Arguably, C is a basis for programming. If you know “C,” you can quickly grasp the knowledge of other programming languages ​​that uses the concept of “C.”
It is necessary to have a background in computer memory mechanisms because it is an essential aspect of the C programming language.

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For the past 40-45 years, C is one of the most popular and highly recognized programming languages ​​worldwide. It is the first programming language of many people. Indeed, it is strongly recommended to start your programming journey with the C language because it helps to understand several underlying processes at the ground level that will enhance your fundamental knowledge and build your confidence, making it easier for you to learn ​high-level programs languages also.. Also, programming control C offers various career options that may prompt you to consider and start learning the C language !!

C programming language was developed by Dennis Ritchie and is a procedural programming language. The language was developed mainly as a system programming language to write an operating system and create different platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, etc. The C language also has a rich library that offers various integrated functions and provides dynamic memory allocation.

Where is embedded C is used  Where can it help you?

The Programming Language “C” is popularly used in embedded systems.
It is used for the development of system applications.
It is popularly used to develop desktop applications.
Most applications by Adobe are developed using the programming language “C.”
It is used for the development of browsers and extensions.
It is used to develop databases. MySQL is the software’s most popular database that is built using “C.”
It is used in the development of an operating system. Operating systems such as OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Apple Symbian are developed using the “C” language. It is used for office development, as well as the mobile phone operating system.
It is used for the production of the compiler.
It is widely used in IoT applications.

Why is there a need to learn C?

As we have previously studied, “C” is a core language for many programming languages. Thus, learning “C” as the primary language will play an essential role while learning other programming languages. It gives the same concepts, such as data types, operators, control statements, and many others. It is a simple language and enables faster execution. There are many jobs available for developers ‘C’ in the current market.

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“C” is a structured programming language in which the program is divided into several modules. Each module may be written separately, and together, they form a single program “C.” This structure facilitates the test, maintenance, and debugging process. “C” contains 32 keywords, different types of data, and a set of powerful integrated features that make very effective programming.

Another feature of the program “C” is that it can be prolonged. A “C” program contains various functions that are important included in a library. We can easily add our features and functions to the library. We can access and use these features whenever we wish to in our program. This makes it easy while working with complex programming. Other compilers are available on the market that can be used to run programs written in that language. It is a portable language, which also means that programs written in “C” language can easily run on other machines. This is essential if we want to use or run the code on another computer.

How embedded C works?

C is designed as a gateway between the programmer and the crude computer. The purpose is to let the programmer organize a program in a way that is easy to understand. The compiler, after that, translates the language into some code which the machine can understand. Computer programs mainly consist of two main parts: data and instructions. The computer requires little or no organization on both sides. After all, computers are invented to be as general as possible. The programmer must impose an organization on the computer, and not the reverse.

The data in a computer is captured as a series of bytes. C then organizes these bytes into robust data. The programmer then uses the data declarations to describe the information he works with.
One of the primary objectives of the C language is to organize important instructions into reusable components. Because you can write programs much faster if you can “borrow” most of your code elsewhere, reusable function groups can be combined in a library. This way, when you need, for example, a sorting routine, you can enter the standard function qsort library and link in your program.

The data declarations, structures and control instructions, and other C language elements are not for the computer’s benefit. The computer can not tell the difference between a million random bytes and an entire program. All C language elements are designed to allow the programmer to express and organize ideas clearly in a suitable manner to him, not to the computer.
The C language allows you to organize your programs using a useful and straightforward syntax. This goes beyond the C syntax and teaches you style rules that will enable you to make very readable and reliable programs. By combining a powerful syntax with the right programming style, you can create robust programs that perform complex and wonderful operations but are also organized in a way that makes it easy for you to understand when the weather change comes around.


You will get a brief idea about C programming, where it is used, where there is a need to learn the C language, and how C works. We hope you will enjoy reading this article.
Happy Learning!

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