Embedded C developer

Who is an Embedded C developer?

embedded c developer of embedded C language are significantly the ones who develop embedded systems using languages like Assembly, C++ and basic etc. Embedded systems are systems which are a combination of both hardware and software and particularly perform a specific task; for example a mobile phone or a washing machine. 

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A car’s internal parts are composed and integrated with embedded programming for example the Anti-lock Braking system (ABS). In embedded systems such as core is the hardware processor and the developers of the embedded c language are basically the developers of these processes which can be microcontrollers, microprocessors etc. Like other embedded systems, these embedded devices require an embedded program to be written to know exactly what and how to function. These developers usually work with low level programming languages which are Assembly language, C and C++ or visual basic or Javascript which are Application level programming languages. These developers use special keywords in their development such as small, large, bit and sfr etc. Multiple parts of the embedded c program are connected together to build a usable program code to be able to work with a hardware device; these are comments, which are just extra explanation of the code and something that would help the reader understand the code better. The second thing is Preprocessor directive which are special symbols that must be handled with care because they are not in the program. These usually start with a #include or #define.

embedded c developer

The c and embedded c developer is usually confused as a single unit with different names but that is not the case. Although there is not much difference between the two if the operating environment and extensions are not considered. Basically a C developer can act as an embedded C developer as embedded c can be referred to as the extension of the c language. The additional features are multiple memory addressing, fixed-point arithmetic and addressing Input output etc. 

The basic difference between the usual C developer and the embedded C developer is that because the embedded c programs are designed to be able to communicate with a hardware and make the hardware devices more meaningful, the usual C developers tend to write only desktop applications. The embedded c developers work with hardware devices and microprocessors such as microcontroller based applications.

What Skills and how much time are required to become an Embedded C Developer:

Apart from being an exceptional developer at various stakes, the embedded c developer mainly works with the c language which is just an extension to the usual C language. Some essential skills that an embedded c developer must possess are:

  1. Have C language skills. This is MUST. Because without the knowledge of C, embedded c programming can’t be learned as far as the hand-on is concerned.
  2. Basics of programming such as object oriented programming and its four basic concepts (polymerization, encapsulation etc.) and other key functions like overriding and overloading.
  3. An embedded C developer must have an extensive knowledge in the field of computer architecture along with the data structures and algorithms. 
  4. Knowledge of operating systems is a must, working in a power shell environment is as necessary as learning the basic c.
  5. Must possess the knowledge of microprocessor fundamentals ( assembly code and registers etc.) and microcontroller fundamentals (DMA, ADC and timers etc).
  6. Networking programming basics which use I2C and LIN etc, along with the advanced level network programming such as SATA and MOST.
  7. Must possess ability to work concurrently and in parallel along with being familiar with system call library functions.
  8. An embedded c developer must know how to handle non collected garbage environment such as dangling pointers,
  9. Knowledge of other programming language such as python, Java and Android and skills about Basic FPGA/ ASIC design, basic DSP
  10. Lastly, knowledge about software engineering principles is a plus because it makes things easier for version control, bug tracking and overall testing etc.

Becoming a C developer is not easy, as the required skills are complex and may be mixed if not properly taken care of. A computer science graduate with a basic four year CS degree can opt for further learning in the embedded c programming and pursue a career as an embedded c developer. The skills and timing required may vary from person to person.

What type of projects does an he work with?

A number of projects are handled by a usual C developer which includes the hardware devices which require an underlying program to be written in embedded c languages for them to act properly. Some examples of these types of projects are as follows:

embedded c developer

  1. Environment monitoring system: This is a system embedded with a humidity sensor, metal detector and fire sensor. This system is monitored via users’ commands by sending special signals through a single port to control the multi-channel RF transmitter.
  2. Wireless Medical Monitoring System: This system makes sure to detect a patient’s data via sensors such as temperature and moisture sensor and collect this data to be sent to the control head center. Applications like such where the hardware and software communicate concurrently are controlled by programs developed by embedded c developers.
  3. Vehicle Tax pay and access system: Another system with both hardware and software communicating via a program is developed by embedded c developers. In this system, the process of collecting the exit and entry information about the vehicles is sent to be done automatically and uses smart card technology.
  4. Microcontroller based mobile jammer: This project which works on 900MHz to 1200MHz is merely designed to make sure the signals are dropped and completely cut in a specific area where these jammers are placed. This technology may be used at places where confidential information is discussed and security is the number 1 priority. The connection is cut between cellular mobile SIM cards and their cellular base stations. These are just some hardware devices embedded with a program which enables them to stop the signals from incoming and outgoing, also developed by embedded c developers.

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