Sierra Software Ltd was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Nottingham, UK. Sierra Software GmbH was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Austria. It is an owner-managed company that specialises in providing Innovative Cellular module with SCADA solutions to further meet the needs and demands of the clients for their specific projects. The tight integration of the hardware and software development team with the internal production department allows great flexibility, thus enable it to quickly produce and test a new development as a prototype for pre-production stage.


We provide End to End solution for multiple industries we focus on the following 4D’s of Product Life Cycle, using strict agile methodology for project management:

  • DECIDE – We could help you conceptualize what you exactly wanted to build in software that matches your business needs.
  • DESIGN – Once you have decided what you actually needed for your project, we can now help you map these decisions to a software environment
  • DEVELOP – We will start building the software once you have chosen your design
  • DEMONSTRATE – This is the final phase of the product lifecycle which aims to prove that the software delivers your business requirements.



Nick K

Engineering Software Expert

Nick has been working in the software industry for over 14 years now. He is experienced in various ARM based chipset, Linux kernel device drivers, Android, device tree, FreeRTOS, LCD, eMMC, sensors, USB, DDR3, SRAM. His software expertise leads to the foundation of this company and makes our very own iSCADA an absolute masterpiece.


James brook

Sales and marketing

James manages the sales and marketing. he joined the team nearly 4 years ago has been very successful in marketing our product to wide range of clients. he also travels to customer location and attends various events to demonstrate various projects and also demonstrate innovative products. he is available 24/7/365.


Alicia Duner

Hardware Design Engineer

Alicia is a Hardware/Electronic Circuit Design Engineer who has 14 years of experience in schematic and layout design. She’s also an expert on ARM platforms design, high speed routing, differential data routing and in creating a 3D view of the hardware, which then leads to the conceptualization of iSCADA product.


Michael Mueller

Testing Manager

He Joined us 4 years ago he carries a wealth of testing and Version control manager. he has great experience in process management handling JIRA .raising JIRA tickets for errors/bugs/features he makes sure that product has better  performance high quality output and bug free product.



  • Cellular module with SCADA powers on 5V 2A DC power supply.
  • A webPanel Desktop application that monitors the iSCADA device
  • For cellular module to work make sure SIM PIN is disabled.
  • SIM Card can only be ejected by pressing the SIM eject button.
  • RS485 and RS232 are industrial purpose ports.
  • Mini USB port is only used to collect log messages