C++ developer entwickler

Who is c++ developer entwickler?

 C++ developer entwickler is now among the top 5 programming languages. Its use is versatile from creating software and databases to embedded systems and games. It is an extended version of C language that incorporates classes and objects. C++ Entwicklers are the people that create software and other applications using C++ language codes. In this article, you will learn what projects C++ entwicklers do? And how can one become a C++ developer from scratch? 

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Why C++? 

Bjarne Stroustrup is the man credited with developing the C++ language somewhere around 1979. Having this in mind, you might be wondering with so many new languages such as Go, Rust, D, Java, and Python, why should you become a C++ developer? Well, C++ has a fairly convincing case. First, it is a general-purpose and multi-paradigm language. Second, it is constantly evolving. Now it is upgraded every three years. The latest upgrade was in 2017 namely C++17 and soon C++20 will be landing in the coding world. Third, if you have learned C++, you can easily learn other languages like Java and Python. So far starters, it is a good way to learn to code. 

What Kind of Project C++ Entwickler Can Work?

Being a C++ Entwickler, you can work on many interesting and big projects. Almost all major industries need C++ developers. Following are some of the projects a C++ Entwickler can work on.

Games Development 

When it comes to gaming, C++ is the undisputed leader. Even the popular Game development engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine are also written in C++. Games such as PUBG has been built on C++. So C++ is at the foundation of gaming. 

c++ developer entwickler

Embedded System and Robots

All machines and devices around you from TV to the microwave oven to the washing machine to AC and all automated gadgets are embedded systems. Even many functions in your car are using embedded systems. C and C++ are the two main languages that are globally preferred for embedded system designs. 


The world’s most famous databases such as Oracle Database, MySQL, and MS SQL server are built on C and C++. All types of fin systems such as financial, telecommunications, health, education, retail and social networks need databases. 

3D movies

C and C++ are used to build applications that create 3D movies. Since for 3D movies, the applications must be fast and efficient in dealing with the massive collection of data, therefore C and C++ are most suitable for these applications.

Skills a C++ Entwickler Must Have 

  •         Sound grip on C++ and other languages such as Java
  •         Troubleshooting and debugging
  •         Knowledge of Algorithms and data structure
  •         Acquaintance with TCP and IP protocols
  •         Well-versed with SQL, Oracle and other databases
  •         Good know-how of Unix and Linux OS
  •         Familiarity with software development methodology
  •         Problem-solving aptitude

Become C++ Entwickler from Scratch

Here we will outline how you can start C++ from the beginning. To begin with, all rewarding careers want a fairly good amount of work, so is the case with C++ development. It is a comparatively complex language and comprehensive programming language. That’s why it takes considerable time and patience.  Here we categorize learner into three sets, and then carve out a strategy for each of these sets.

c++ developer entwickler

The Formal Way

If you are still an undergraduate and want to pursue a career in C++ Entwickling, the best way for you is to enroll in an IT major such as computer science or software engineering. These degrees are meant to produce software developers and programmers. The data reveals that around 51% of C++ developers in the job market are IT majors. So, this is the traditional way of becoming a C++ Entwickler. Plus point is that you will also learn many other languages such as C, Java, and Python. So in this way you will get the most relevant degree and will have enough time to master C++ and other languages.

The Informal Way

You might be a non-IT major and still want to learn C++ for whatever reason. Say you are a Mechanical engineer and want to make a career in embedded system designs. Or you might want to become a game developer. Whatever the inspiration, the bottom line is you need around 6 months minimum to master this multi-purpose language. That too with a good amount of practice on daily basis. 

C++ Learning Tips

1-Learn the basic first 

The best strategy when learning a new language is to start with the basics. The knowledge basics give you a solid foundation to build on your coding empire. So first focus on the basic stuff of C++ such as data types, functions, if, else, and loops. Then you can move on to (OOP) or manipulations of classes.

2-Work on a real project

Mere theory can never make you a good programmer. To learn the language, you must work on some real projects, of course, small projects initially. First identify a domain, select a problem, and start a real software project. Now when you getting to your project. If you find that knowledge of a certain feature of C++ is mandatory for your project, you should master that feature first and then start the project. Done with one project, choose another project of your domain, and start work on that.

3- Learn Data structure

Once you have completed a couple of simple projects related to your domain, now it is time to climb the complexity ladder. Now start working on data structures and algorithms. If you continue to practice step 2 and 3 for a few month, you will become proficient in C++. 

4-Bonus Tip

Experience reveals that learning C++ as your first ever programming language is not a good strategy. Rather you should begin with C or Python and then upgrade to C++. Though it will take double time but this way you would learn 2 languages and with deep understanding. Additionally, the best programmers in the market have grip on all popular languages. 

C++ for programmers

C++ is a comprehensive language and all the programmers at some stage have to work with it. So If you are already doing coding with any of the mainstream languages like C, C#, Java, or Python, and now want to switch. It will not take more than a few days to become proficient in C++. Or at the most, it will take a month. 


C++ is a comprehensive and versatile language. It can open a lot of avenues for you. It is used in such glamorous fields as embedded systems and gaming. Further, the market for C++ is constantly rising. It is expected to grow 21% from the year 2020 to 2028. So, it is a great time to have this language on your fingers tips to rock the world. 

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