• The beaglebone black is tiny open-hardware (you could make one yourself), open-software computers that plug into whatever you have around the house.
  • Beagles mean big functionality in small packages because these little PCs can be used for all kinds of applications you’ve been tinkering with… and can handle many of the same tasks as your desktop PC.
  • The beaglebone black family is happiest when helping students to learn programming, hobbyists to push the bounderies of DIY and developers move to production quickly without excess noise, expense or bulk.
  • low-power world with the tiny, affordable, open-source Beagles Linux flavors at your fingertips, the Beagle family revs as high as 1GHz with flexible peripheral interfaces and a proven ecosystem of feature-rich “Cape” plug-in boards.
  • At a first glance, you may feel intimidated about grabbing such bare boards. They are so tiny and seemingly fragile, yet so powerful. Certainly, you’re curious to understand all the tiny components sitting on top of your BeagleBone.Following are the components featured in both the Original BeagleBone and the BeagleBone Black:
    • Processor: You can call the processor the “brains” of your BeagleBone. Both boards feature an ARM Cortex-A8 operating at a maximum speed of 720MHz for the Original BeagleBone and 1GHz for the BeagleBone Black. This means that the latter makes a decision/calculation every 0.000000001 second!

    • RAM: The Original BeagleBone has 256MB of DDR2 (Double Data Rate 2), whereas the BeagleBone Black has 512MB of DDR3.

    • microSD card slot: The Original BeagleBone doesn’t have any built-in memory, so it always needs to have a microSD card inside to be able to work. By default, it comes with a 4GB microSD card. The BeagleBone Black doesn’t come with a microSD card because it has built-in memory. Regardless, you can still insert a microSD card into it to install or update your operating system or because you want to have more available memory to play around with.

    • DC power connector: Your BeagleBone needs 5 volts (V) and 500 milliamps (mA) of direct current to power up.