Robots for logistics

We help clients by provide embedded software solutions for various industry sectors including Broadcasting, telecom, logistic transport, oil and gas, remote automation.

Clients requirement

  • To fix existing bugs and enhance features on existing transport robots.
  • Speed up robots to handle request to pick up and deposit logistics with a quick turn around time.
  • Enable logging to trace the root cause during failure.
  • Perform Power management algorithm by keeping the CPU in sleep mode and wake mode at regular intervals and charging robots at regular interval when power drops bellow 50%.
  • Optimise internal memory usage as the build-in internal memory is too low for its operations.


  • To find all bits and pieces of dynamic, static memory usage.
  • To drive the robots at higher speed to make turnaround time faster.
  • Perform power management logic to manage level of robots at all time.
  • To send bugs from robots to the JIRA management tool during failure.
  • Raising alarm during failures and faults in the system.

Our Solution

  • Develop a memory management task to trace all memory allocated during run time. And freeing unused memory.
  • Develop api to increase the speed of the robot wheel motor when the path is free. and slow a few meters before reaching the destination.
  • Fix bugs features assigned as per JIRA.
  • Develop power management algorithm to charge the robots once battery charge is less than 75%.
  • Notifying alarm to the ware house team on failure, faults in the system.