Data logger for drill riser

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Clients requirement

  • To develop a data logger that can continuously collect data from various sensor.
  • Perform a kalman filtering on 1024 readings per sensor
    Store the data in primary memory.
  • Perform Power management algorithm by keeping the CPU in sleep mode and wake mode at regular intervals.
  • Transfer data to the remote location for real time data monitoring via RS232, RS485 interface.


  • To choose micro-controller that supports multi thread operation. while consumes less power during run time.
  • Supports multiple interfaces like i2c, spi, RS232, RS485.
  • Should have enough internal memory for performing kalman filtering algorithm.
  • Should interface with external memory for storing sensor data.
  • Should be capable of sending sensor data to remote device on request.

Our Solution

  • Atmel cortex M4 with RS232, RS485, SPI, i2C, RTC interface and with 256KB internal memory which supports FreeRTOS for multithreaded functionality.
  • Sensor PHY chipset that queues 512 readings and can interrupt the CPU on completion of 512 readings.
  • Host CPU sleeps in this duration and wakes up on interrupt reads the samples stores in the external memory.
  • On completion of 1024 readings per sensor perform kalman filter algorithm on the samples.
  • Send the samples to the remote machine on request. via ethernet interface.